Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Kitchen Art Wall Decor

A decked up kitchen is not only one that is neat, clean and sparkling but one that always has the right decor to match the kitchen color theme. Be it wall decor or the kitchen decor itself, I always pay a lot of attention to picking the right flatware, dinnerware or kitchen accessories to spruce up my kitchen. I have a white kitchen theme so maintaining it is gruesome but what white can do is compliment wall decor and give the room some life. 

I love hanging things on the wall, collecting ideas is no big deal for me as I spend hours at the mall looking at Bed, Bath and Beyond! If you visit my apartment frequently, you would guess correctly that I always like to change the wall art in my house. Be it simple or complicated, I am never too scared to experiment. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't want to gloat, but I rarely discard my wall art and always find a corner to hang it.Bravo!!!!

Today I made this easy DIY wall art with a bunch of objects that hardly costed me a few bucks. If you have sometime,  go ahead and make this gorgeous wall decor for your Kitchen and let it cast a spell on your guests.  Do this any way you can think of. Improvisation is the key here.

For this wall art I created, you will need the following basic supplies :
·         Frames that I purchased for $1 @ Dollar Tree
·         Some contrasting fabric to form the background of the frame
·         Metallic red flatware that I got at Party City
·         Hot Glue/Stapler or Pins

First take apart the frame and carefully remove the glass and the backing.

Wrap the fabric around the backing tightly and either staple or pin it to the backing to secure tight.

Put the fabric covered backing into the frame without the glass.

Position the metallic flatware on top of the fabric and glue it once positioned onto the fabric and set to dry.

Tada!!!! Ready to hang on your Kitchen wall once dry.

Tip : If you don’t get the colored metallic flatware, purchase what you can and spray paint them and let dry accordingly. This way your design will get a more glossy finish and will look like a lot of work went into framing this art piece. Any which way, experiment and see what best suits your kitchen. Happy Crafting!! 
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