Wednesday, July 10, 2013

8 Indispensable Tips for Summer Travel

Summer is legitimately here. It is time for a break. Travel logistics are aligned away and your bags all packed. It’s time for some adventure!

A lot of us are travelling on summer vacations and it can get wearisome and nerve-racking unless it is well planned in advance. I always survey an efficient regime no matter where the destination is every summer. Travelling can be fun and enjoyable when you experience a new place for the first time. The excitement of planning is immense. The journey to get to the destination should be fun and memorable. 

Forget about the stress and just go out there and have the best summer vacation. Having said that, I am looking forward to four weeks of sun, fun and vacation time when my sister arrives in the United States today. While most of the planning is already taken care of by my husband, there are minute details that I am pursuing to make it a wonderful vacation for her. Here are eight tit bits that I would love to share with you on an indispensable summer travel: 

1) Pack your belongings and essentials
Needless to say, always travel light. Dispense off unnecessary clothes, cosmetics or shoes that you may not even need on the trip. Always carry a pair of warm clothes as you can never anticipate the weather. Comfort shoes are a must for those long treks. The first aid kit is essential. A nice summer hat is a good accessory and don't forget those sexy shades to protect your eyes. 

2) Prepare to face the scorching heat
The temperatures can soar to over a 100° hence prepare your body for the extreme heat. Wear a long-lasting, extremely good sun screen or sunblock that provide the best SPF protection and avoid staying out in the sun for too long. If you must, always wear a hat and good sun block to prevent sunburn and sun stroke that can potentially char and ruin your vacation.

3) Stay fresh and hydrated
During the summer, drink more water than normal.  Due to increase activity, water is essential to stay hydrated. Add ice cubes to get an instant of chillness on a very hot summer day. Choose water over any of the tempting energy or sugary drinks. Try adding a wedge of lemon to a glass of water to endure the freshness after a long tiring day.

4) Pack healthy snacks
Most of the time spent on the road can be boring if not well planned. Invent games and fun activities for those long drives. Eating healthy is also vital. A cup of coffee can keep you energized and awake, however switch to healthy eating during the road trip. Make fun sandwiches ahead and pack some baby carrots and celery sticks to chomp on the way. Pack some bananas for that extra ounce of energy. Avoid junk food as far as possible.

5) Research about your destination
Most of us strategise our vacations ahead of time to avoid last minute hassles. If you are travelling to a new place, it can get intimidating to navigate around. Learn about the destination online and look at reviews from past travelers to understand the location and its highlights. Always study the destination and know the spots and places to visit so that you can optimally cover the destination.

6) Look for super deals and offers of interest
The internet is buzzing with deals and offers for summer vacations. Check them out and discuss with family members who are participating to understand their plans. Once agreed, book hotels, car rentals, show tickets, tickets to theme parks etc ahead of time. You will be surprised at the offers given to you if you do online bookings. It is stress free and easy.

7) Carry necessary travel documents and identification
Never leave home without your identification as you never know where you will need it. Always carry printouts and scanned copies of your travel documents. Money should not be carried in one bag by one person. Distribute money to avoid tensions if you lose luggage. Of course, if it is plastic money, then make sure you have enough credit to swipe. 

8) Relax! It is after all a well-deserved vacation
Make it the best vacation ever. Just go out there, participate and have fun. Dance, sing, drink, eat and celebrate as the summer will soon be over and it could be a whole year before the next vacation.

Have a great one this summer!!!!!
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