Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY Elephant Art Work

Who says art has to mean anything? If it appeals to your eyes, it can be called a piece of art. Discovering ways to make art more appealing is the challenge. But combine challenge with some creativity, you can convert your living space into an art gallery any day.

I spend a lot of time collecting ideas and improvising on ways to beautify art. I know I have some amount of creativity that helps me make quicker decisions that please my senses and notifies me whenever I go overboard. 

I found this beautiful idea which is so simple and creative. To make this you would need:

A collection of scrapbook paper of any color or kind.

A stencil tracing of anything you can easily cut out and is available online. I went with an elephant.
A pair of scissors
A piece of twine
A lot of patience :)

Method : Trace your design on a sheet of paper and cut out as neatly as you can. Trace this onto the colored scrapbook paper sheet and cut out. Arrange them as required on a piece of twine and glue them at equal distances or as you like. 

Tadda!! Hang and enjoy!! 

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