Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Motorcycle Diaries – Harley Davidson

When I was living in Milwaukee, WI, I never quite understood the historical importance of the city until one day at work, a colleague invited me to tour the Harley Davidson museum in downtown Milwaukee. As it was over the weekend, I was a bit reluctant to go mainly due to my lack of interest in motorcycles, but I decided to check it out after all.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon and a bunch of us set out to the museum which was within proximity of where we lived. We arrived at a landmark building and I instantly knew this was going to be an awesome experience. As we had purchased online tickets to visit the museum, we were ushered in and briefly told what we were going to see, the highlights of the tour and what not to miss. Our eagerness was intense and we stepped into the museum just awe struck with wonder at the motorcycles and artifacts around us.

As we strolled around, we were amazed by the collection of motorcycles and their historical significance. Whether you are born to be wild or not, the museum leaves a lasting impression on you and is much more than just a nostalgic experience for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The museum reveals American history through the trials and triumphs of legendary stories from wars to workmanship. There are movie clips and short films to enjoy. There is a lot to learn about the product and its evolution, so prepare to spend a good four hours. All around you, are beautifully designed artifacts and motorcycle paraphernalia.

The 20 acre museum campus by the Milwaukee waterfront also includes a restaurant Motor and a gift shop. There is a café shop Café Racer as well. After the museum tour, visit and grab a nice souvenir to take home. A wonderful experience for even a non enthusiast. Loved it!

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