Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY - Nautical Rock Souvenirs

I stumbled upon this neat idea for a wonderful beach souvenir that I knew I just had to create a post for. What a great idea to have as home decor -nautical souvenirs handmade by you after that awesome vacation by the sea . What is even better is that this is an incredible craft activity for the entire family and the result is some amazing motifs on rock that eventually turn out to be the perfect souvenirs for that wonderful seaside vacation.

Here is how to design your very own sea motifs on rock. It is a really crafty project to execute and fun is written all over it. Trust me it is contagious. 

The procedure to follow is below to create some really cool nautical souvenirs :

  • Gather some smooth rocks. Pretty round and smooth faced ones are the best.
  • With a paint sharpie, draw nautical motifs of any kind from sea shells to anchors, from crustaceans to starfish. Just think of anything nautical and draw.

Let your imagination run wild and do not forget to have fun with this craft.
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