Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Smile, Breathe & Go Slowly

Everybody encounters tussles in their life. Some of us may need improvement in our careers or relationships or maybe fitness or just our state of being. It is daunting to make changes for any of us. And if we are on the path of improvement, the first step to attaining success is slowing down. Of course for all of us who have tried to progress under the countless categories that define who we are, a little bit of inspiration and some moral advice from those who have already voyaged down that road is just what we need on our self-improvement journey.

Life can be ludicrously convoluted if you let it. I suggest we simplify. The tragedy of our living is that we age faster than we grow wise. Most of us are always pushing the boundaries of our expectation. But sometimes we just choose to forget that it is better for us to slow down and breathe. Why do we dissuade from training ourselves in discovering activities that are solely about being in the present? No deadlines, no race. Just being in the moment and enjoying it without any objectives.

"There is more to life than increasing its speed." ~Gandhi

It is a pity that most of us are always sprinting against time. The world is fast-paced, fractured and hurried. We are habituated to believe that this is the way to live. We are continuously in a state of hurry and all in the name of productivity, of having more or appearing busy. Stop and think, does life have to be this way?

If your purposes are to yield or generate something remarkable, slowing down and converging on the end result will get you there more commendably than swishing to complete the work. Why endure the tensions and stress of hastening, only to create more opportunities to err? Why hurriedly produce bad quality products that exasperate and destroy your creativity skills? Why choose to be like everybody else just rushing to get through the day? Slow down, focus, appreciate and enjoy what you are doing. The most important step is realization that life is better when you pace slower, when you are more unperturbed and the result is that you will get more out of every moment.

The big question after realization is to execute the change. While most of us appreciate it is a better way of life, some of us are inhibited by our commitments or our surrounding environments. So there is a background check that you have to do. Take responsibility for your life. Make the changes now. Work it out in your day, among your family and friends even with your colleagues and officials at work. You don’t have to be like everyone else, rushing to dismay. You can make the change in your life now as your environment does not control you – you do.

So, you are in the middle of your day, and you’re wedged in the pursuit of thoughts, feelings, to-dos, meetings, readings and communications, all to be done in one day. What will you do? Let all of that fade.

Pause.Breathe.Smile.Enjoy.Just Do.

If you’re washing a dish, do it sluggishly, and feel every sensation. If you’re eating a fruit, taste it, feel the textures, be wary of your hunger or lack of it. If you’re writing something, pour your heart into that writing, inhabit the words. If you are reading, digest the wordings the author has chosen and understand the composition of the text.

Just do. The rest of the world becomes meaningless distraction. Slow down and enjoy a stress free life.

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