Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Grand Canyon, AZ

Sometimes we are destined to have a life changing experience, just to abandon the old and embrace the new. A late summer visit to the Grand Canyon on a beautiful cloudy day was just what I needed.  A prevailing and awe inspiring landscape, it is a prodigious feeling to stand in front of the Grand Canyon. With everything around you so gigantic, you are reminded of how small you are on the surface of the earth.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most phenomenal places on earth. Situated in Arizona’s northwestern quadrant, the Grand Canyon National Park encompasses colossal canyons and meandering river tributaries. This park is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites and entertains a huge number of tourists annually.

I recollect the day I visited the Grand Canyon this summer. Driving towards the South Rim, with the rain painting one elegant scenery all around the beautiful desert was so relaxing. The weather outside was unstable, largely varying from warm to cool due to occasional cloud bursts in the region. I was really hoping my trip would not be affected by the weather, but I must say that when I got there, it was a splendid scene. 

After checking in at the visitor center and intensely studying the South Rim tour guides, it was time to explore.  With a prevailing thunderstorm and the gentle rain in the background, the canyons looked exquisite, all glistening as if they were just rinsed in spring water. 

The Grand Canyon is an astounding natural wonder. The Canyons emulsified into inimitable hues that looked delightfully decorated. Somewhere in the distance, the muddy Colorado River was highlighted against the limestone, flowing as it scours the walls and instrumentally shapes the canyon every minute. All around you see flamboyant and intricate landscapes, spectacular vistas and miles and miles of overwhelming sized canyons.  The chirpy tourists are always on the pursuit to capture some visually aesthetic snapshots.  Occasionally, the California condor soars high above casting its shadow over the canyon walls as if to indicate the expansiveness of the west.

The South Rim, open all through the year, has many unobstructed views, stone spires and buttes that are popular to vision especially during sunset. I appreciated the trail walks as they do justice to completely observe the landscape, relax and just listen to that eerie canyon sound resonate around as if you were alone with nature. At several vistas along the way, I first and foremost took in the beauty and then took out my camera to capture some of the sights that were just beyond belief. But like they say, it is a must visit site for anybody travelling to the west. 

Visit the Grand Canyon Park Site for further information and plan a trip next summer to that place on earth where you will be left awe struck in wonder and amazement.

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