Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 Natural Ways to Beat Winter Blues

A contemplative feeling comes over us around late autumn, as the last remaining leaves drop, morning frosts cover the ground and the sun sets earlier each day. Hot cider and the warmth of the fireplace may be all you need to face the coming winter with good cheer, but for many people, fall melancholy deepens to winter depression.

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, I am sure many of us would love to be less bored or grouchy and meritoriously energetic. But this can be true only if we were assured some warmth and coziness this winter season. The temperature outside is viciously dropping, the air is getting colder, the fireplace and heater is switched on or activated but yet, for now, all we hope for is that we could almost have that seamless winter.

 If you have not yet experienced the ‘winter blues’, it’s steadily approaching and will take effect soon. The appearances it holds range from mild depression, sluggish and disoriented behavior sometimes just lack of motivation or low energy levels could all be the detonated symptoms it is known to possess. If you have already experienced any of the above, then it has hit you. But luckily there are effective ways to help you get rid of the nasty ‘winter blues’. 

Here are some quick effective ways to indulge in redefining the winter season for you this year.

1. Accept the Season
Even though winter may not be the season for you, accept the season as it has a lot of wonderful things allied with it. The joy of the holiday season should be enough to raise your spirits and let them ascend and get you through the season. Get ready to rent those favorite holiday DVDs that you love to snuggle up to. From hot chocolate, sledding, snowball fights, decorating, shopping, gift-wrapping and festive cooking, just keep yourself motivated in the right spirit and you will get through the seasonal blues with ease.

2. Exercise
I know it is not optimal to go out for a jog during the cold months, but just exercise daily around the house and keep yourself on your feet to stimulate your senses. Just cleaning up the house for a start is a nice way to exercise and get your body warmed up. Exercise is great for relieving stress and instructs the mind to release those feel good chemicals to improve your moods and stimulate your senses.

3. Soak Up Some Sun
You need all the vitamin D that you can get, so spend some portion of the day outdoors. Run your errands during the day and soak up as much sunlight as you can. Sit near windows and absorb more sunlight during the day. Wake up early and open the windows to let in some good sunlight. Switch on your lights at home to make it brighter and less depressing.

4. Eat Healthy
Skip the processed foods and consume more complex carbohydrates like whole wheat breads, brown rice, vegetables and seasonal fruits along with sufficient water. Eating healthy elevates your mood and stabilizes the blood sugar and energy levels. Watch your cravings and do not give into tempting foods like soda and junk food.

5. Relax and break out of a rut.
When every day seems dull and dreary, shake things around by wearing bright colored sweaters and accessories. Wear your hair differently or accessorize to look attractive and vibrant. Avoid dull sweaters and over sized coats. Bundle up in a chic and fashionable way. At the end of the day, just try to relax, read a book, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and cocoa and just have a positive attitude.

Embrace the season and focus on what it has to offer. Drive away those ‘winter blues’ and have a warm and snug winter.
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