Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sincerity of Purpose

Sincerity is the quality of being open and truthful, without an aorta of hypocrisy or deceit. It is that quality we need to develop and incorporate in the world today. If we are sincere in our actions, then we need not worry about the results of our actions. It is all about doing what is right for the purpose.

Most often we are governed by the voices of another. When having a conversation in a group, it is not particularly judicious to cosset in half-truths and false impressions. Over estimations and falsifications are not going to earn us valuable points. It is important to have your own mind set. Always say what you mean sincerely and stop pirouetting around issues sounding vague and obsolete only to impress and be liked. That hypocritical nature has to change, and change implies saying what you mean and mean whatever you say.

All of us have our own opinions and own judgments. It is imperative to practice whatever you preach. Saying one thing and incriminating another is being insincere. Make it unpretentious for yourself, only communicate what you mean. If you disagree with something, stay inaudible rather than you miscommunicate something and begin to sound insincere. It is your credibility on the line. So saying one thing and doing another makes you a phony with reason.

Many a time we are influenced by our surroundings to act on instinct without questioning our thoughts or reasoning with ourselves. It is crucial to build a habit to of always questioning yourself as to why you are doing something. Always be on the lookout for negative motives like seeking attention, gaining power or controlling others. Check yourself and your motives and understand yourself before you go out and involve yourself in undertakings. It is not irrelevant what others think of you, it is significant of what you think of yourself.

Transparency is a good thing to acquire. It builds trust and camaraderie when people know who you are and what you are made of. Most of us hinder ourselves in order to protect our integrity. Being transparent is not an easy thing to accomplish, it requires patience and understanding and the fact that your motive is to turn sincere has to be the driving force behind it. 

In the world today, negativity is prime. We are bound by negative forces all day, it is difficult to survive and sustain. The only way I can see is to build and develop qualities that can change you, and in the process others around you. 

Sincerity of purpose is to let the light shine in you and spread your light through others. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and many other great leaders taught us the value of sincerity of purpose. Let us take a leaf out of their book and follow their examples to change ourselves for the better.
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