Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!Oh Christmas Tree!

The marvels and resonances of the holiday season are upon us. This is the spell of joy and laughter. Picture it! The smell of the evergreen conifer in your home, the holiday decor and lights strewn all around your living room, the warmness of the fireplace cordially sets you in a peaceful holiday mood. Do you hear the sounds of glee of the loved ones and family around you? The smell of chestnuts and marshmallows roasting in the oven. Christmas carols playing in the background. Oh! What an idyllic and remarkable way to initiate decorating your Christmas tree!!!

It is the season for ornamenting the evergreen with silver bells, sophisticated ornaments, colorful garlands and more. Everyone is busy getting their Christmas tree decorated; after all it is the centerpiece of your home from traditional to contemporary, ornaments are the highlights of a picture-perfect Christmas tree. Create an opulent feel without overwhelming the space. If you’re tight on space, try a tabletop tree. Dress it up with antique glass ornaments and beaded garlands, it’s a festive way to display your treasures. If you choose to be different, go for an intriguing theme, then get nifty and let your imagination flow with ideas.   

Decorating the tree is tradition at most households and I'm sure it is the best part of the holiday for everyone. Add sounds of the season and adorn with ornaments that jingle. Mix in silver and winterberries for a classic looking theme. Bring out the color ornaments. Use glass baubles to add a touch of sparkle and fragility to your tree. Hang homemade ornaments for some extra love and warmth. Get crafty and make your own holiday ornaments by getting the whole family involved. Go for a nostalgic color scheme. Get creative to give it a modern fashionable look. Pair antique ornaments with modern ones for a more placid yet ordinarily spectacular featured tree.

The most important embellishment is for the treetop. Stars, angels or special lighted treetops are all very popular. Or you can use a giant bow or cluster of ornaments; let it be the highlight of your adorned tree.

Finish your tree by covering the base with a tree skirt and surrounding liberally with presents. 

Lights are the essential part of the tree. Hang ornaments near lights to ensure they reflect in the light. Illuminate the tree by using LED lights that graciously transform your home into a winter paradise adding that extra magic to your tree.

If you are looking for some really great tips and ideas, go ahead and check out some fun loving and cool ways on how to decorate your Christmas tree from bhg.com and have fun doing it!! 

Don’t forget to enjoy your visual feast!

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