Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Best Dressed At The Red Carpet

Another successful Academy Awards just concluded and congratulations to all winners. I was curious to know what eye-catching designer dresses were out there on the red carpet this year and I must admit that I am no fashion guru or designer critic. Just a young girl curious to know what Hollywood actresses prefer to flaunt on the red carpet. Nothing over the top this year, I guess everyone chose to keep it simple and elegant. Thankfully, the rains did not shower on the parade of Hollywood's biggest names and their ensembles. 

So while the whole world is scrutinizing who was blazing hot on the red carpet, I did a little post on my favorites. Starting from my best pick, here are my top five favorite gowns that some of my favorite actresses chose to wear to the Academy Awards. In some bizarre way, I think the designers were completely justified by these gorgeous women who stunningly carried out their designs.

Let me start with Sandra Bullock. She arrived in a navy blue Alexander McQueen gown, dark nails with the perfect balance of the side hair and the pleated detail on differing ends. For me, she was the best dressed this year and the 'Gravity' quotient has set her career back on a roll along with her sense of style. She is one scintillating beauty that has done herself and McQueen proud. Her look was topped off with the right makeup and the amazing ear cuff that immediately caught my attention. She simply nailed it.
Lupita Nyong'o was the one everybody had their eyes on, mostly because she so deserved the victory. Her searing portrayal of Patsey in the best movie of the year ‘12 Years A Slave’ won her a truly deserving Academy Award. But what was more gorgeous was her sky blue Prada gown that made it all soft and dreamy for the debutant winner. Drawing attention to her unknown-to-Oscars trajectory and a dainty touch of charisma, it was truly her acceptance speech that was the highlight of her night.
There seemed to be a lot of actresses choosing to elect for traditional black and pastels this year, daring one, the very talented Jennifer Lawrence. The young starlet from the Best Supporting Actress category looked radiant and elegant in a standout strapless Dior outfit that made her look red hot. Her sense of style is impeccable, especially in the straight lined column gown with that sparkle around her neck. I know she is the new genre of actors that are attracting profound scripts for women. As for her style that is a different quotient and quite amicably carries off anything she sets her eyes on even after tripping ineptly on the red carpet. The gal has a good sense of humor and we love her for her sporting spirit.
My next favorite of the night was the gorgeous Amy Adams. First of all, the Gucci gown she wore was made to fit Amy and just Amy. The slim-cut, the midnight blue with that sapphire tinged look and those Tiffany drop earrings just enhanced her ensemble. I always worshipped her style and she is one woman you would not want to miss from the red carpet gallery. 
This second time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett chose to wear a rather conspicuous skin tone shade. Always known to take risks with fashion, I mark her as the fashion ingĂ©nue with a different sense of Hollywood sexy in her. Her Giorgio Armani gown with the elaborate capiz shells looked rather heavy against the nude gown, but I think she looked stunning overall and the choice of color radiated the confidence in her to win the Academy Award for her portrayal as a brittle Manhattan socialite in Blue Jasmine. 

Thus ends my selection of the best dressed at the Oscars for this year.  While some of the best talent in Hollywood got to exhibit great outfits, here’s hoping to see much more the next time.
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