Friday, March 7, 2014

International Women's Day - Do What Is Right For Equal Right.

After one year of blogging, I categorically have blogged about a lot of varied topics and it would be unwarranted of me or my blog if I failed to write a post on International Women's Day. This Saturday March 8th, we have an opportunity to applaud overwhelming accomplishments of women all over the world. The truth is women are certainly achieving success and brandishing influence across diverse array of fields and industries. As we retrospect our life as an urban woman of this world today, the question remains how far have we come from the days of struggle? And what are the atrocities we face as women today?

While most of us have an icon that inspires us to dream, women around the world are making waves as iconic examples of courage, bravery and justice to equal right. But not all women are lucky. The torment that some women face in most underdeveloped countries around the world is treacherous. From dowry harassments, female infanticide to honor killings and rape, the stories are demeaning and disturbing to hear about. The atrocities are colossal, the coverage is less and so we believe we live in a safe and secure environment of equal opportunity and right to freedom, but I disagree. 

It is no secret that women who accomplish the most are the ones ready to take chances. That kind of bravery ignites a revolutionary change for women. One of my favorite personifications of female heroism can be seen through the actions depicted by education activist Malala Yousafzai, who said,

"We call upon our sisters around the world to be brave - to embrace the strength within themselves and realize their full potential.”

As humans, we are always guilty of undermining our fellow comrades. At work, at sport or across cultures even, we find it very hard to open ourselves to diversity and competition. This inequality exists that make us insecure of who we are rather than appreciating the accomplishments of others. It is time to change that attitude.  It is time to make a self-realization that nothing in this world is achievable unless you dream and persevere. No matter what the struggle is or was, the fruit of the outcome lies in the ability to stand up and voice for change.

Our lives are intertwined. Women’s day is not exclusively for women. Feminism is the simple, deep-seated notion that women are also human beings and our lives improve when we embrace the full equality of both men and women. If women are faring better at work, congratulate and encourage them instead of frowning about it. If women are playing better sport, they should be given equal opportunities to participate in events. Don’t just feel sorry for women in underdeveloped countries suffering discrimination. Change that prejudice, do something in some small way to help as you are the fortunate one.

We hear of the stories of the women who motivate us to realize our dreams. We must consider ourselves fortunate to witness so many heroic acts of bravery, courage and leadership from those inspiring women across the globe. But the job is just beginning. As we revel in our sister’s heroic acts, we can also contribute to change in this world. I urge us to be attentive to the world in crisis. From women in Sudan to those suffering in India, open your eyes to any form of harassment you witness and help make a change. 

If you are still wondering what this 106th year of celebrating the International Women really means in your life, I encourage you to look for inspiration from the many successful women that every day change the world to make it a better place. Perhaps, you can find your source of stimulus from one of them and do what you have to and fight for equal right.

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