Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dress Up: Color Love Affair in Chartreuse

It is always important to learn new things every day, so let me introduce you to what I picked up this weekend. I came across an uncharacteristic tag 'Chartreuse' and was so inquisitive to find details of what it exemplified. And then I became infatuated with it. 

Chartreuse is a French word for a color description halfway between yellow and green termed due to its substantial resemblance to the French liqueur of green and yellow chartreuse. So I was thinking would you be daring enough to try this shade on you? 

At first it seems nerdy to even think of making a fashion statement around this shade. But to begin experimenting further, you have to convince yourself that this is going to make you look urbane and hip at the same time. Next be open to the brightness and texture you have to carry off. Once your mind is convinced, the rest will fall into place.

Here is my way to flair this tone. How about a nice fitted cross-front bodice with a glamorous deep-V back sheath dress paired with high heeled chartreuse suede pumps for that degree of sophistication? Next wear some elegant metal faceted gem drop earrings with a heavy metal necklace as accessories that need no introduction. Finish it off with nail color of the same shade and a handy Givenchy metallic clutch. Dab on some plum red lipstick and suave eye shadow to complete a totally chic and royal ensemble for a wedding party or a night out with your girlfriends.

Try this new shade for the summer and enjoy your love affair with a trendy hue setting style.

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