Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

Call me vain but today is my birthday and I just thought I would publish a post to celebrate my life. Happy Birthday to me!!

My birthday is always a momentous occasion celebrated with my loved ones. It is not so much about the gifts and the clich├ęd celebrations that come with birthdays, but more on the mark of renewed life every year. Surprisingly, the extra energy I attain on my birthday is just incredible. A binge of power and confidence takes over and I feel like I am reborn again.

I love to make my birthday a big deal like I just pamper myself, indulge in sinful foods, eat cake and most importantly celebrate being here and being at the center of attention with my loved ones.

The best advice I've got on my birthday is to take time for myself, get a new perspective on life and to relax and enjoy each and every moment that comes my way. So in this post, I thank everyone who spent part of their lifetime with me, had a positive influence in my life and those who helped shape me to be the person I am.

Age is just a number; it's about feeling young at mind. So here's to me celebrating another year of being me.

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