Thursday, May 8, 2014

Slim Down For Summer, The Healthy Way

So here it is the best season to show off your body is finally upon us. With the emergence of summer, get ready to sport your favorite attire on a sexy yet healthy body. But wait, there are no hard rules, just guilt free regimes to follow and I guarantee they are the healthiest way to slim down and lose all that excess weight.

Summer is all about fun and sun, but it is also about indulging in unhealthy foods like ice creams and cold beer. A little bit of self-discipline is what you need.
For me, looking good and feeling great is the essence of my spirited day. Here are some basic tricks to adopt to slim down and fit into some really cool summer outfits.

Junk food and sugary drinks out, fresh food in: Refrain from the cardinal sin of eating junk with huge intakes of sugary drinks to quench the thirst while adding unnecessary empty calories. Dread all those wasted calories from sweet coffee drinks, smoothies and over-sized sodas. Sacrifice for a better cause, keep it clean and fresh, just eat fresh fruit and drink lots of water. Avoid all that junk food that is so easily accessible and switch to dry fruits, a handful of nuts, a single serving of fat-free yogurt, an apple or at least a sugar free diet. For a start, open that refrigerator and get rid of all the fattening products you have in there. Make a list for the grocery store and pick up just what you need.

Skipping meals, a big no-no: In being strict with your diet, do not deprive yourself of eating, just to slim down. It is no shortcut and has adverse health effects that you really don’t want to have at this time. If you crave for something evil, try to minimize its calories by seeking healthy alternatives. Eating in small portions is a big plus and should include more regular meals in your day. Snack throughout the day, but never skip breakfast. Remember to always stay hydrated.

Sleep is necessary: Results show that people deprived of at least seven to eight hours of good sleep are more stressed and fidgety. To look your best, sleep is important.

Move your body:  Exercise is the best form of staying fit. Mentally and physically, it can do wonders to your gorgeous self. Go for a jog, play a sport, take a brisk walk or dance like there is no end, just get that body moving and results are all in the figure.

In conclusion, nothing I've mentioned above you do not already know. The question you need to ask yourself is, are you doing it right? If you are, trust me, it will show.  If not, no worries start now and turn you into a sexy attractive and healthy individual this summer. Good luck!

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