Monday, May 5, 2014

Spread Joy, Experience Happiness

The world we live in is entrepreneurial and despicable where more is merrier and big is better. We live to believe that happiness is about the glimmer and glamour of enticing thrills and envious paths. We are guilty of jumping from one sensation to the next in pursuit of joy. We spend our lives shopping, clubbing, partying, vacationing and are never tired of the same. What a good life we live? But is it really bringing us the joy and happiness that is celestial? Do we experience happiness in small bouts when there is so much more to attain? Absolutely, self-happiness is good but it isn't the real form of happiness that defines immense joy. Joy must be everlasting, not temporary and random.

Without a doubt, the pleasure you experience in the above ways of life is temporary. There is nothing long lasting about it. We work, earn and enjoy our life. We care less for our environment, even little for our loved ones and the least for the betterment of society. It is like being drunk with happiness and it is all over when you wake up. Then the whole spree begins again and we are wrapped in the futile cycle that goes on and on.

So where am I going with this? There is no harm in persuaded form of joy. There is no sin in trying to find happiness. All I am saying is to look beyond inception. To find delight in the spirit of distributing joy wherever it is hard to find, give a portion of joy to someone who has never experienced happiness lately. Joy is also found in executing the simplest act of love. Feed a hungry child, visit the old and abandoned or comfort the sick that joy is perpetual and that happiness is everlasting.

Buddha says we are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Spread love like your life depended on it. Random acts of kindness, random acts of love should be inculcated in us. It is a blissful path to lead with joy and happiness overflowing from our hearts. We must sequence our minds to care for others, to feel the pain and sentiment of the deprived and to be touched by the amount of misery we bring to others. We must mold our hearts and minds to experience the thrills of sharing, caring and giving.

Why would we want to live any other way than to be connected, embraced and loved? True and wholesome happiness is the kind of art or skill that can be mastered if we are willing to do so. Always remember the sufferings and obscurity in the world today and try to make a change, surely that is the best way is to spread joy and experience happiness.

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