Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Time Madness

Summer time involves a lot of travel. New places to see, new sites to visit and new cultures to explore. I am always open to new experiences and if there is a trip on the cards, I just need the below essentials to get going. All of us must be having specific list of items to carry at hand. Hand luggage need not be stressful and boring. It can be peppy and essential. 

Here's a look at the items I usually carry as my hand luggage for any trip. I cannot live without some of them in this bag. See for yourself:

  • Adidas Pink Sports Backpack is so bright and peppy, spells out my excitement for sure.
  • Ralph by Ralph Lauren rectangle Sunglasses is a must for some good eye protection.
  • Canon Powershot camera that I cannot live without , handy to make good memories.
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated always.
  • BOSE headphones to keep me occupied.
  • IPOD touch that is loaded with my favorite Itunes and videos that drive boredom away.
  • My passport case with my travel documents and miscellaneous papers.
  • My makeup Case which basically houses one moisturizer, a high SPF lip balm, towelettes, dental kit, my reading glasses and some breath mints.
  • Nokia Lumia 630, my latest crush to stay connected.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet that is my best travel buddy, I need to have this with me at all times (yea its crazy)I store maps, tickets, hotel info, guides every bit of information that I would need for the trip is on it.
  • LV wallet with shopping cash and credit cards.

There you go, keeping it light, chic and casual so I don't feel the weight of over packing. 

Have a great summer and enjoy your travels. 

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