Thursday, July 24, 2014

Human vs Human

The institution of humanity is degrading to such an extent that we must be ashamed of being called the most intelligent race of the planet. Everyday, news papers and news channels are permeating our minds with the extent of human horror. If reading about rape and murder makes your gut wrench, how do you understand the reason behind shooting down a civilian plane? How do you comprehend the killings of innocent lives in war torn conflicts? How do you feel when you hear about sexual exploitation of young girls and women?

Our so called elected leaders and representatives are incriminating each other, resulting in sinful gestures like transfer of blame and dissimulation ensuing in deception and devastation as the outcome and the world is officially rendered hopeless.

I must say that like everyone else, I am exhausted following world news. The very thought that someones tragedy could so easily be mine makes my heart sink. I am pained at the abject level of insensitivity and ruthlessness of another being. Anger and hatred towards the men and women who sought to harm the very essence of life invades my system. The miscreants are by and large safe and secured under derisory governments and ludicrous leaders. Making them repent and pay for their sins in this lifetime is just a chance, while somewhere a family is grieving and paying the price for being around the culprits of our time. All I can do is close my eyes and whisper a prayer for those suffering incosequential acts of human nature. At their hour of need I pray they find hope to go on living.

No one is spared. From toddlers to aged beings, murder and other atrocities is taking down humanity and the bullets of deceit is strewn all over the world. Forgiveness is vanishing, despair is taking form, gnawing at our very existence. Our safety is compromised, our life is under threat. What do we do? Where is justice? When will we read about these perpetrators being caught and punished? It is no victory, but for those affected by their ruthless acts, justice is all they seek. 

I remember growing up and reading about some good samaratains or people like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana among others who spent their lives making a difference in this world. Noble peace prize winners and their recognitions always intrigued me.It gave me hope to learn about the intense studies on cancer research and AIDS vaccine experiments for tomorrows world. I always felt that glimmer of hope knowing that researchers, scientists and organizations are working night and day to save our world, protect wildlife and nature and make it a better place to live in eventually. Who knew that one day we would come to infer that in the same world we live in, there are miscreants and felons, murderers and terrorists that will so mercilessly change the dynamics of life and trust in a human being. 

As a child I was unaware of significant terms like 'terror','exploitation','murder' or 'torture' among many.The situation has changed adversely. In today's world, we are educating children about wars on terror and victimization of women. Children are more aware of assaults and harrasments. Somewhere, even the essence of growing up with the right to a decent childhood has been compromised and as an adult, I cannot help but wonder the impact it will bear on the young generations as their exposure to drugs, war and terror is lurking in every corner of their being. 

The human race is defeated. The insane and devious acts of inhumaness and terror has to stop, if not the wars will go on and people will insensitively kill and destroy life, women will be exploited and children stripped off their childhood. Then it will be time, finally after a lifetime, at the end of it all, every human on this earth will leave this planet and when that time comes, while some will have a guilt free life to redeem, others will be living in a hell of purgatory forever.

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