Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Poem: Ups and Downs

Take a look at your life and let it mean something.
Try to fix the devastating pain that is occuring.
Have faith and pray for a rainbow to come your way.
Take stride and comfort in living a normal day.

Walk with your glory, sing with your soul.
Feel confident in your body and let your heart console,
The bitterness that drives you to the brink of despair.
Gather your courage and brave a new repair.

Sense your emotions, direct them to stay low.
Let the pulse of healing gently drive its flow.
Stay true to yourself, the time is brittle.
Take care of your heart, the stress will settle.

For you already know that time will heal.
Not the past or the present, but the future is the deal.
Tell yourself everyday that your loved and cared.
After all, lifes lessons are to be learnt blunt and bared.

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