Monday, October 6, 2014

A Whole Grain Diet.

Whole grains should be included as part of every body's staple diet. A whole grain is a cereal grain with the germ, endosperm and bran all inclusive. It is a good practice to eat more whole grains in your regular diet as they are packed with nutrients like protein, fibre, antioxidants among others. For the diet and health conscious people, you must have already made the adjustment to incorporate whole wheat bread instead of white bread or even brown rice instead or white rice. Good for you! You already know the benefits of doing this. For those who still cannot come to terms with the compromise, remember it is essentially what your body is directing you to include in your diet and it is not so hard to transform to a better lifestyle. 

For pasta lovers, there is now a wide variety of whole wheat pasta that you can get. Eat whole grains in the form of oat flour or wheat flour wherever possible.Ideally, you should be reading your content label to identify these secret health gems that help you grow. For example, you should be identifying ingredients like quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat, whole oats, rolled oats, oatmeal, millet etc. in the nutrition's label. If it is missing any whole grain ingredient, you shouldn't be needing that product. Remember, 'multi-grain' or 'stone ground' for instance is not whole grain.

The fibre and nutrients associated with whole grains make them an essential part of a healthy diet for young and old. At first, it can be complex to work them in your family's diet on a regular basis, but persevere. The rewards are plenty. Even small substitutes like whole wheat bread crumbs instead of white bread crumbs goes a long way in constituting a balanced healthy diet.

For all those pondering about recipes to create with whole grains, here are some delicious whole grain recipes from that I request you to give it a try and add that bit of healthy nutrition in your weekly diet.

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