Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Freebies : FALL Desktop Wallpapers

Hi Y'all! Hope the holiday season is kicking in pretty well this time of the year. Can you believe it? It's almost Christmas and a whole year has gone by pretty fast. I got inspired to create some new desktop wallpaper art that draws the colours of the season and sets the tone for many of my upcoming Holiday essential designs. I can't wait to put all those ideas onto a post(s) soon.

To kick start the rhythm of my festivities,here are two unique desktop wallpapers that I have designed for you inspired by the season of Fall that are subject to personal use only.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall In Love With Scarves

In times of blistering cold, very few of us women really draw out this quintessential accessory from our wardrobes to bundle up. The scarf is purely a winter wear with bursting hues and adorable prints, it can so easily transform the dull wintery air into a splash of warmth. It is necessary for a woman to own a few of these accessories in her closet. It can always uplift any drab outfit.Don't worry about getting tangled or flustered by layers, just look at it as a renewed fashion item that needs to be caressed and loved as much as a warm winter coat or snow boots even exclusively for that particular time of the year.

This fashion garment has been a favourite of my winter ensembles.Unfortunately I am not satisfied with the way I teem up and so looked high and low for suggestions and ideas for the season. Enlacing oneself in a scarf requires processed thought and styling. The truth in the matter lies in the fact that with a selection of scarf, you need to build your ensemble. From oversized knits to cape proportions to cable style, wearing your look is your style statement and don't hesitate to experiment with colors and prints and let your scarf do the style talking.

Here are a few must have suggestions I would like to share with you. 

Exotic Animal prints decorated on a sheer scarf styled with subtle fringed edge is perfect to begin your collection. Animal prints lend an exotic aesthetic to chiffon or sheer scarfs that can paired against plain tees or tops. 

Knitted Infinity Scarf is another must have that adds layers and provides much needed warmth with a sense of softness and style. These chic scarves are wrapped over coats and sweaters to increase the warmth quotient leaving you feeling snug and warm.If you have sometime this winter, why don't you make your own cable knit infinity scarf that really requires no serious knitting skills.

Geometric Prints
Soft, lightweight gauze in a geometric print and solid border in bright hues are also a must have. These can be teemed with casuals and even worn around early spring. Different patters work great together and there are so many ways to drape them.

So this winter season, if there is a new accessory that you must buy, take a look at some scarves and purchase in a few that will serve to keep you warm and snug while making you look gorgeous at the same time.


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