Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dress Up: Coloured Pants

Happy New Year fashionistas!

If you are looking to take a break from monotone neutrals, holiday outfits and dazzling colours of merry and bright, coloured pants are the real statement makers. For some people, bright coloured pants are intimidating and thus shunned. For others, it is in trend and hence worn to keep up. For most, it is the latest fashion statement that is difficult to execute but so willing to try.

Everyone loves wearing these coloured pants in jeans or skinny fits, but sadly most are not carrying it out in perfect style, mainly due to some lack of coordination and ideas. I am no fashion expert, but after carefully observing and noticing what looks best with each colour, I can safely post this on my blog to give you some ideas to execute. 

Today I would like to guide my fellow fashionistas on how to convert your bright coloured pants into an outfit that is something classy and smart. 

Let's begin with my favourite, the orange/tangerine/coral skinny jeans. Ever since Kate Middleton adorned this style, it has inspired me to dress up in her shade. So this color goes perfectly well with navy, white, denim and for some brighter shades maybe even bright yellow. Accessorize it with a beautiful scarf and you are royally dressed up for the day.

Red pants are also very hip. It can be paired with bright colored prints that have shades of red in them to add that essential pop or stick to the classic black or white top that adds sophistication to your look.

To brighten your day, wear these bright colored pants that can so easily be paired with a casual white tee, a well cut blazer and a scarf. Finish it off with pumps or heels and a satchel to contrast your style.

Another way to pair up bright colored pants is to adorn neutrals. A blue cobalt pant can be paired with black or grey for instance. For some more dignified appearance, pair it with a classic white blazer and for that pop of colour these classic yellow pumps finish the look.

So, time to start new trends and here are some ideas to get you going. Happy fashioning!

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