Monday, April 20, 2015

7 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

The odd blotches of the skin under the eye can sometimes make your perfect face look drab and dull with this imperfection. The dark rings and shadows show fine lines and wrinkles that appear under the eye and clearly displays the first signs of skin ageing. Fear not! there are so many natural ways to get rid of dark under eye circles , so read on to find some of the effective ways to do so.

It is believed that dark circles are actually the first signs of skin ageing. Sometimes heredity, dark circles under the eye appear dry and unhealthy due to lack of sleep or exposure to long hours on the computer. Stress and unhealthy diets are also significant contributors to the dispute, but this is actually a flippant skin ailment. The disadvantage is that it draws scrutiny to exhaustion and tired looking eyes. With these basic home remedies mentioned here, you can easily soothe and get rid of this pesky problem.

Make sure your not allergic to any of the ingredients specified below and you include a healthy diet with good sleep and sufficient intake of water every day.

1. Almond Oil
There is something beneficial in almonds that does wonders to skin. The delicate under eye skin needs conditioning and nourishment in the form of vitamin E present in almond oil. Regular usage fades dark under eye circles and soothes and conditions the skin under the eye. Dab a few drops of almond oil under the eye on over the eyelids before bed every night and gently massage with your ring finger. Wash off the next morning.

2. Tea Bags
It will do you a world of good to skip coffee and introduce tea in your diet. Tea bags reduce under eye puffiness due to the presence of the astringent 'tannin' that tightens and firms the under eye skin. After you have made yourself a nice cup of tea(you may use black, green or chamomile tea), do not discard the tea bags.Instead save them in the freezer for this remedy. Place thawed tea bags (but still cold to touch)on the eyes and relax for fifteen minutes, you may also use fresh unused tea bags that are cooled before placing on the eyelids.

3.Raw Potato
The natural bleaching agent present in the potato lighten the dark circles and reduces puffiness around the eyes. Place two thick slices of raw potato on the eyes and relax for fifteen minutes. Repeat everyday to see visible results.

4. Ice Cold Water
It is said that splashing ice cold water helps constrict blood vessels especially under the eyes. Take a soft cloth and soak in ice cold water for a few minutes and then place under the eye for five mins. Repeat this process any time your eyes feel strained and dry throughout the day. Alternatively, you can wrap two ice cubes in a towel and place over the eyelids only for a few seconds to soothe and hydrate the eye area.

5. Cucumber
The skin lightening agents of the cucumber act as astringents that quickly aid in treating dark circles and is also a proven skin toner. Cut thick slices of a fresh cucumber and place them in the refrigerator to cool for about thirty minutes. Remove and place them immediately on the eyes and rest for ten minutes. Wash with normal water. Cucumber relaxes the eyes and provides a soothing effect on the eye.

6.Rose Water
The properties of rose water apart from soothing is to rejuvenate the skin. Make sure you use 100% organic rose water that has a mild astringent and works as a good skin toner. Soak a cotton ball in rose water for five minutes and then place them on closed eyelids. Leave for fifteen minutes and then rinse with cold water.

7. Mint Leaves
The cool properties in mint leaves restores the balance in the sensitive skin under the eye to soothe and refresh. The cold tingling sensation increases blood circulation and fades dark circles.Crush six mint leaves and make a paste with water, then apply them around the eye and leave on for ten minutes. Gently wipe off with a cold towel.

Actually, anything frozen works well to soothe and hydrate the eyes and combat the ugliness that is prevalent under the eyes. These natural at-home remedies is the best way to fix those bad under eyes and fool anyone into believing your well-rested.

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