Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

It's almost my birthday in a few hours and I just wanted to reflect, thank and appreciate the life I've been blessed with. May 29 is my day of recognition, a day that fills me with perceptible energy and synchronous harmony. It is an eccentric positive energy that takes over me, warming my heart and soul, filling me with gratitude and grace. While many people choose to write letters to themselves on this day of bliss, I penned down my birthday lessons to reflect on them for the future. I am so elated to be commemorating another birthday filled with colourful illustrations and better understanding of my life.

I am not fretting about getting older, infact this birthday is like a new beginning, to erase the bad and focus on the good. More importantly, I look forward to a year of happiness, love and memories that fill my life to make it even better than it already is. 

The affirmation of my life has to begin with my supportive and caring family and friends that mould me into the person I am. The biggest treasure I have is my loving husband who has made me stronger and better every day since we've met. Life teaches us many lessons during our journey here on earth and it is important to know what life is always trying to teach us good from bad, to accept our mistakes and flaws and carry on living a positive stress free and happy life. 

Here are my lessons that I would love to share with you and in advance a very happy birthday to me!

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