Wednesday, February 10, 2016

4 Top IT Skills That Hire

The business oriented social networking service,LinkedIn, has published its results on hiring and recruiting activities of 2015. The hottest skill sets interpreted by LinkedIn that contracted employment in 2015 were in Cloud and Distributed Computing, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, Marketing Campaign Management, SEO/SEM Marketing and Middleware and Integration Software. 

If you are looking out for new job ventures why not consider four other influential skill sets which LinkedIn has also analysed and studied to decipher the top recruitment jobs till date. These career options are steadily growing and employing workforce across the globe.
Here are four other trending jobs in the market that you should know.

Mobile Application Development

It is not surprising with the growing need for mobile applications usage, this is one of the top recruiters. With developers swaggering in ios, Swift or Android development, the need to hire mobile developers has never been this great. 

As with any product,  the development to production requires upgrade, maintenance and bug fixes that adhere to technology standards in a growing market. Here the developers are hired to ensure the product is satisfactorily delivered. If you have first-rate interest in this field, a career in  mobile app development maybe apt for you.

Network and Information Security

Network security allures promising professionals to be hired to ensure safety and security of network-accessible resources. Securing an organization's network to keep interconnected systems and data safe is of prime importance to most companies. Procuring a job with this skill set is an incredible advantage for individuals and start-ups alike.

User Interface Design (UI)

This is a fascinating career option, but one of the most intriguing jobs to pursue. As a designer, it is not only imperative to code, edit and assemble, but also add value, meaning, simplify and modify existing UI structures. When the design is successful, the user focuses on usage instead of the interface. If you have the patience and skills for good product design, the market is open to hire you.

Integration Software Development

In most company profiles, several software programs, often disparate subsystems, are integrated into one large comprehensive system that easily shares data when required. When they have to build an in-house software program to combine systems to cohesively function, developers are hired to execute the task. These developers mediate between separate programs to ensure functionality is met. For someone who loves coding and is keen on developing software for integration, this is the profile you need to apply to.

Today, companies are not seeking professionals  that are text-book smart but rather street-smart individuals that are passionate to improvise solutions and creative enough in a hyper-competitive market. The above four career options are to expose those lesser known lucrative technical jobs that are favoured in today's world and to guide the reader to choose his/her subject of learning based on the above analysis. 

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