Tuesday, May 10, 2016

24 Yoga Poses For Beginners | FITWIRR

At the dawn of the week, it is important to stay motivated to get through another repetitious  week.  Life at work may not always be peachy, but we do the best we can and it is important to reward ourselves for all the strain we undergo during the day. 

At the end of each working day, it is wonderful to find an activity that stimulates the nerves to stay calm and relaxed or unwind into something unknown. If you like taking walks, then nature welcomes you with open arms. A nice relaxed bath soothes anxiety and calms you down or reading a book is also another healthy practice. However, I would encourage you to embark on Yoga practice. 

Ofcourse, you must have heard from so many people that Yoga and meditation is a great stress reliever, so I am not emphasizing on anything new. I encourage you to follow this field and let your body and mind unite under this practice to reveal incredible results in your life.

Yoga is my stress reliever. I like to spend 30 minutes on meditation and yoga every day. Yoga is a powerful means of psychological integration that reunites the mind and body to bring balance to your life. Governed by true moral principles of embrace, self discovery, awareness and unity with one and all, the practice is proven to increase the flow of energy in you and around you. It is amazing what 30 minutes of yoga can do and I encourage you to give it a try.

As a yoga practitioner or 'yogini', I suggest you learn the beginner poses and postures to warm up and get the body into a rhythm. The other thing you need to do is commit to practice daily. It may be intimidating at first, but gradually you will be impressed with the results. 

Here is one great article to read for beginners in Yoga posted by fitwirr.com that clearly breaks down the poses that you must learn when you practice this art. Make sure you read and understand the requirements explained.



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