Tuesday, June 7, 2016

5 Ways To Wake Up Early, A Training Guide To Implement

While some of us are early bird risers, most of us dread waking up early especially at the start of the week. I closely associate myself to the former category and so is my husband which makes mornings at our home less stressful. I have no secret to share but I thought today I would like to write about guiding you to transform into an early morning person. 

Those extra few minutes in the day that you get in doing this puts your day into perspective and lets you reap the advantage of waking up early. Waking up early is rewarding in many ways, the best outcomes for us is the fact that we spend time with each other before we begin our day.

People try all sorts of things to find an excuse to stay in bed. The entire process starts with a bit of effort and some determination to convince yourself that it is truly worth waking up early. 

Alarms are helpful, but if you are the kind that enters the snooze mode then you are bound to lose out on making valuable time. The most annoying habit people develop is to snooze beyond "fair time" and end up rushing through morning routines with little or no time to eat a healthy breakfast. Yes, this is an excruciating way to begin the day which in most cases ends up setting the mood for your productivity.

When you make the effort to rise and shine early, a ton of things fall into place. Let's look into a few super clutch tips that should help you rise and shine earlier than you ever imagined possible.

Train Yourself.

No one agrees that waking up early is easy, however the effort is to start training your body to be welcoming of it. Anything that you practice religiously for a period of fifteen days is bound to become a habit, so try to train your body and begin by drinking a glass of water. 

Motivate Yourself

If waking up early is considered depressing, a little motivation the previous night will ensure you feel good about the act. Make reminders and notes the previous night so that you know you have reason to wake up early the next morning.

Place the Alarm Clock Across The Room

Wow! it would make you feel so cranky and annoyed for the first couple of times, but placing your alarm clock across the room ensures you have to wake up to turn it off and once your on your feet, there is no reason to fall back asleep. This trick is useful for people who cannot afford to be late and let me assure you, it is not going to be positively received for the first couple of days. Gradually, you will thank yourself.

Get Your Dose Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency or hypovitaminosis D is a real deal. People who do not get exposure to 30 minutes of more of sun time end up with lack of calcium in the body. The best time to exploit sun exposure is during breakfast. Having breakfast by a window is the finest way to guarantee the maximum advantage of Vitamin D released by the sun.

Morning Stretch

To wake up and energize your full body, a little stretching goes a long way. A gentle stretch will elongate the muscles and wake you up. Follow this video for tips and tricks to get yourself energized and up on your feet.

You see, nothing seems difficult. A bit of determination will have you calling yourself an early riser and then you can see yourself shine throughout the day.

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