Monday, April 15, 2013

10 Best Movies I've Enjoyed Watching.

Growing up in a world of persistent changes, entertainment and movies are a girl’s best way to restore faith in this world. I would not say that I am an ardent movie buff, but to an assured degree I enjoy watching respectable films that have resilient screenplay and an amazing script.

If a movie does well at the box-office, it does not inevitably mean I would like it. I just appreciate movies that articulate stories of imagination, truth and drama. A good script is my ultimate satisfaction.

In no explicit order, here is my list of the top 10 movies that I have comprehensively loved watching:

1) The Help

A story from Mississipi in the early 60’s about three regal women who embark on an extraordinary journey to project their lives of suffocation. The movie is articulated in fine script writing and fabulous screenplay and performances by the artists is just Oscar winning. I enjoyed the film more than the book by Kathryn Stockett. The women’s determination, resilience against all odds and passion to express their struggles gives us poignant and timeless story.

2) Jerry Maguire

Now most people recommend this movie for Tom Cruise and it’s romantic dialogues. But to me, this movie was about the endurance of one man to find his way in life and to recognize what truly is important along the way. With talented actors in the film, the story is articulated beautifully on screen with elements of well scripted romance and dialogues that should be applauded.

3) Steel Magnolias

A story of close knit friendship among women who endure tests of devaluation and struggles with impulses of iron. The film lets the viewer’s indulge in the emotions of the multi-talented cast. This film has a solid script that tells a tale of love and sorrow and the grace and poise of the women with their regular battles. With good humor and intelligent screenplay, the film is one to watch on anyone’s list.

4) Forest Gump

Tom Hank’s portrayal of a simple man with a very low I.Q is extraordinary in this story of providential mishaps in inadvertent circumstances. The story is captivating from the start and has a script of intense magnitude that is articulated with fantastic screenplay. One of my all-time favorites, I love this film and never miss an opportunity to view it again.

5) Titanic

This is an epic of enormous proportions that takes you on a remarkable quixotic expedition. It is a story of two completely opposite people who meet aboard the Titanic and fall in love in the queer presence of tragedy. This is a movie where romance is articulated in authentic reality and dramatic disposition. A complete story with all elements of film just takes my breath away every time I see it. One of my favorites as well.

6) Gone With The Wind

This historical American epic that has captivated the hearts of movie lovers for ages is a must watch for anybody on this planet. The love affair between a haughty woman and an arrogant man with events of history unfurling around makes this film a classic in love, romance, tragedy, sorrow and humor. The book by Margaret Mitchell is as wonderful as the film itself. This is the cream of all movies I have seen till date.

7) A Walk To Remember

In this teenage romance, the script is what binds this movie together. A story of love and conquering life against all odds to find happiness and bliss in the arms of the one you love. A sweet movie with a  touching climax.  

8) The Notebook

A Notebook of love notes that is narrated on the events of a young couple in love and their idyllic summer affair interrupted with the girl’s parent’s disapproval. Separation can be tough but a man writing letters every day to his love is lucid.  The eventual reuniting of two hearts is the icing on the cake of the script. This is a wonderful romantic movie that should be on the list of best movies of all time.

9) Father Of The Bride

This comedy film of a miserly father trying to cope with his daughter leaving the nest and a wedding makes this movie an all-time favorite. Whether it was Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor in the act or Steve Martin in the remake,  I love this film as it has all the vital ingredients for a well scripted comedy.

10) PS I Love You

If you watch this dramatic love story anytime soon have a box of tissues handy as you are going to need it. Married to the love of his life, the story depicts a husband’s warmth to his grieving widow in the form of letters that help her cope with his tragic loss. The script is radiating romance of subsequent love of living life after tragedy.

So there you have it, the top 10 movies of my choice. I know there are many more that should be on this list, no doubt, but for now, I would love to spend the spring catching up on my all-time favorites.

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