Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6 Super Foods That Fight Cancer.

Research and studies on food that help lower our risk of cancer is a constant process. Yet, in a world where the disease is taking over swiftly, it is very important for us to know about the foods that help lower our risks. I call them "superfoods" that should be incorporated in everyone's diet at least once a week.

Studies on nutrition always mention that eating plant based foods are good for health. It is advised to aim to include the following in our daily servings. Cutting down on processed food and meat is a start. Lowering our intake of alcohol is also vital. And needless to say, avoid smoking.

Here is a list of 6 super nutritious foods that we must incorporate frequently in our diet :

  • BrocolliAs bad as it tastes, this cruciferous vegetable has it all. It is rich in vitamins, fiber and disease fighting compound sulforaphane (an antioxidant and stimulator of natural detoxifying enzymes) that boosts enzymes to fight out the cancer causing cells to develop in our body.  It is always wise to add this vegetable wherever you can in your food.     

  • Berries: All berries are packed with cancer fighting phytonutrients(the nutrients are often concentrated in the skins of fruits and vegetables that are responsible for their color, hue, scent, and flavor) and antioxidants. Black berries have a high concentration of phytochemicals that slow down the cancer cells development. Suggestive serving is about ½ a cup of berries a day.

  • Tomatoes : Cooked tomatoes is what benefits the human body due to it’s rich source of lycopene (a major carotenoid that gives color to the tomato)that allows the body to absorb highest quantity of the carotenoid when cooked. Tomatoes are widely known for their outstanding antioxidant content. 

  • Walnuts : Consuming an ounce of walnuts a day yields best results in fighting breast cancer as these nuts release cholesterol like molecules that block estrogen receptors in breast cancer.

  • Garlic : A clove of garlic a day goes a long way in fighting stomach cancer. It is said to have the ability to block the formation of cancer-causing substances and halt activation of cancer causing substances. Garlic is known for many healing powers to the human body, but it’s most powerful use is that it helps fight carcinogens from developing in our intestines.

  • Beans :  A diet rich in these nutritious legumes have protective effects against cancer growth. Their protein rich superfood that is high in fiber and antioxidants. Include about ½ cup of these legumes a few times a week to take advantage of their nutritional value.

The bottom line, bind the influence of food to restore your body. post signature

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