Monday, May 6, 2013

Am I having a “BurnOut”?

It is sheer absurdity that the world we live in spins at a pace where we are always on the run. From the time we step out of bed in the morning, all we pursue is more, more and more. Seems like that is all our body is taught to fathom and follow. Success, money, fame and modernization are what we are hurtling at every day and there is no giving up of mind or body till we attain the eventual. That is when it strikes us. Unplanned, unexpected creeping up on us like a snake on a fresh vine. Throwing signs in the air to melt down and cautions us that we are on the verge of a “Burnout”. 

Doing well at work or school is anticipated out of us. From the time we can walk, we are taught to hand grip pressure and ultimately thrive in life. But these days, financial imbalance coupled with responsibilities is pounding at us to go above and beyond our proficiency.  Societal living is bullying us to live life king size and indulge in materialistic pleasures at hand.  The intensities of stress we experience each day consume our physical and mental being, turning our bodies against us to deal with the aftermath. 

The magnitude is a burnout. Studies show that the hormone cortisol is released in our bodies due to prolonged stress and has adverse impact on body growth. This steroid hormone when released, increases blood sugar, suppresses immunity, decreases bone formation and aids in body weight gain. Don’t wait till you reach the burnout. Act now.

Tune into your body and soul as it continuously expresses inclinations to slow down. Unite with your mind and unwind at the end of the day. Let your body relieve all stress before you go to sleep and avoid any occurrence of a burnout with a well-balanced proper diet, meditation and life work balance. Diagnose your over stressed body and pay attention to headaches, joint pains, swollen glands, indigestion, insomnia and many other sicknesses that may tie you down. If you ignore these noteworthy symptoms it could lead to severe depression and research advises that basic routines become impossible hurdles for the body and so it slowly retreats. It is time to visit a doctor and get a blood test exam.

Remember that stress is always an enemy and to relieve all the stress will eventually avoid that burnout. Start with the basic requirements in our daily life. Organize yourself and prioritize your work. Always indulge in relaxation and fun activities at the end of the day. Laugh a lot. Walk around, get good sleep. Eat at regular intervals and nourish your body with a healthy and complete vegetarian diet. 

Overlook about the financial problems lurking around or the speed at which our world is modernizing. You don’t have to take life as a game to persistently substantiate yourself. Have fun in life and it is not all about success, money and wealth. Remember we also live in this world with our family, friends, pets and ourselves. Live a little and take a break from what you are doing once in a while. Explore and identify things about you and what you are passionate about. Love yourself more and meditate regularly. It is all rewarding in the end.

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