Sunday, May 12, 2013

La Reve – The Dream

Unimaginable and superb, La Reve is a magical expedition that stimulates you to dream and fantasize.

La Reve was one of Las Vegas most popular and mesmerizing production show that I got a chance to see in the summer of 2011. This spectacle was staged at my personal best casino and hotel on the Las Vegas strip, The Wynn. 

The venue itself plays a vital role for the show and the sets and backgrounds are enormously attractive. On arriving at the venue, the stage was engulfed in theatrical fog and the soundtrack resounding from the speakers around as everyone were buzzing around looking for their seat. I was seated in the mid-section of the stage so it was perfect to see the on stage water dances and aero acrobatic performances from that eye level. Then it was show time and with hurried intention the story unfolded and captivated every ounce of me. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the performances and the enactments. 

La Reve is a dream narrative with visually beautiful performances on ground and in the air. The show promised to enthrall my senses and my verdict reveals it most certainly did. With amazing and stimulating choreography set against some stunning yet crafty stage design that visually serve as apt backgrounds for the performers to display the delicate characters they portray on the galore stage. There is a devout intimacy in the roles depicted by each character on stage that will mesmerize the audience. 

The show has it all, from costume designing to aquatic choreography to even moments of suspense and comedy. With a combination of fire and water elements, it draws the audience into “oooo’s” and “aaahh’s”. The lighting was spot on and the stage design was immensely gorgeous. The show has all the good talent to execute a well-crafted script that will transmit the audience to concentrated levels of amazement and leave them spell bound. There is a lot of variation in theatrics, circus acts, comical timing, acrobatic formations, aqua aerobics and many more that left me dazed. I loved the dance and music and was never disappointed at any time during the show.

La Reve is a true proclamation to what brilliant artistic stuff is made of. I am talking about art that ascended beyond my imagination. The skillful artists and athleticism that you see will rock the very substance of imagination and acoustics that will have a swooning effect of bliss on in you for days. Obviously, I will not reveal the story or any more theatrics and let you be the best judge of it. In my experience, it was totally worth it. 

I don’t usually equate shows as I believe they are not there to compete with one another due to their sole purpose being entertainment and giving you back your money’s worth. La Reve is truly the show to see and trust me, you will not be disappointed. In all dimensions, it is superb and if you appreciate athleticism, aero acrobats, aqua aerobics and excellent musical composition, head down to Las Vegas and watch La Reve as this is the show for you.

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