Monday, May 20, 2013

Watches Women Want

Women have come a long way in picking wrist watches that depict their personality and reveal their flair. Wrist watches are no longer a wardrobe staple. A perfect watch can polish any look and elevate your outfit to realms of panache. It simply makes the ensemble incredibly stylish. Putting on an appropriate wrist watch for a woman now means her chic style declaration to express her attitude.

Over the years, I have humored in my fascination for wrist watches. Presently I own over a dozen and I never fail to take care of them habitually. Timeless elements, dazzling diamond studs, roman numerals and metallic straps are all enduring trends. The choices for the working women today are several. I have always recognized that there is nothing more apt than possessing a classic watch with a modern touch.

If you have visited the mall lately, it is very difficult to illustrate the absolute distinction between watches and a fine piece of jewelry. Obviously, the purpose to tell time is now taken a back seat and more prominently, focus is on the design and structure as it speaks volumes of the eccentricity of the person donning it. And what about the bewildering price tags? Most watches cost more than jewelry itself, but women all over the world are adamant to enjoy their own designer watch.

After reviewing the market trends and endorsing women’s palate for wrist watches, I can carefully say that employed women love to wear the oversized manly watch that is strikingly smart and sexy. In particular, rose gold stainless steel is making the rounds on the wrists of successful women today. A bit chunky for me, but the revelation is truly remarkable. From Fossil to Tag Heuer, Movado to Bulova every designer is carrying this style. Heavy on the cost but definitely a timeless classic for the independent, self-obsessed, successful woman.

Then there is the modern watch with eccentric detail that shouts out notice-me style that women love for the everyday kind of look. Most of them are lightweight and delicate, yet classy and dressy can be worn with any outfit in the closet. Reasonably priced and suitable for all ages, this watch is the best option to go to if you ever need some sort of comfort with time. The best part of this genre is that it can be attired with any outfit and still won’t make you look clich├ęd. You can find these in the mid-range or upscale department stores. Look out for suitable deals before purchase as you could save a lot.        

Although I don’t disapprove of modern and manly, I am more of a ladylike type. Not that it reveals a sensitive side that inclines towards meek and subtle, but this style has got a bright sparkle that evolves into a complete feminine look. It has that slight hint of modernization mixed with vintage and creates an aura of simplicity yet sheer elegance that suits my personality and naturally most women. Invariably priced, if you keep eyeing online and/or in department stores, you could get a really awesome deal with this style.

Whatever your heart wishes, always remember that selection of a good wrist watch lies in its make and kind and gather all the information out of it before you purchase. Do your research well and understand the trends in the market to keep up. It is always virtuous to know what deals you can get and how to get them cost effectively. A tip for my readers is to frequently check on your watches warranty.  Leaving a dead battery cell inside the metal casing can result in ruining the watch and leading to irreparable loss. Always remember to clean and store your watches in suitable environments to avert acute damages.

And like it is, there is diversity in today’s collection of beautiful watches, but what matters the most is the precision of time. 

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