Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ways To Enjoy A Decent Flight Travel.

If you are like me and resent air travel and the whole experience of it, then you should read this article. Several times I have been through the motions of a draining flight experience and always wanted to share my tips to make someone else’s journey less glum. Travelling by flight is no walk in the park. It takes out the patience in you and exhausts all energy levels. If not planned properly, it could be boring, exhausting and miserable. 

Here are a few tips to help you have a better flight the next time you air travel.

1) Annoying seat mate and how to avoid a conversation. 

It’s bewildering that people have so much to talk about on a plane ride that they fail to realize they are insensitive to the comfort of their fellow seatmate. If your seatmate is twitchy, jittery or restless that will surely infuriate you.  Otherwise it is constant chatter and storytelling for all eternity. If you find it frustrating, don’t hesitate to pretend to catch some shut eye. They will get the point only when you stop responding. If you try to be nice and entertain their chatter, it will drive you crazy later on. So avoid ruining your mood and just pretend to sleep.

2) Stay hydrated.

If you consume alcoholic beverages it is best to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Consuming water otherwise is also a good practice especially since you dehydrate a lot at high altitudes. 

Always carry a bottle of water and don’t forget to refill at the airport.

3) Wear footwear to the restrooms.

For hygienic sake and for health and sanity purposes do not visit the restroom barefoot. Wear shoes and head to the restroom. It is best to wear slip on comfort shoes. Not only are they soothing to your feet but also help save a lot of time at the security check gate.

4) Plan your Entertainment

Carry your noise cancellation headphones and your digital devices like laptops, tablets for long flights. Make sure to charge them to full power the previous night. This way you won’t be switching channels and testing your nerves looking for something interesting to watch on the in-flight entertainment provided by your airline. 

Sometimes on long flights, at some point, if your mind is idle, it gets to you that you wish you were at your destination already. Try to divert your mind. Make up stories of the people around you and imagine the lives they live. You can get all fantasizing about their lives and let your imagination run wild. Try it, it can be fun.

Or if you just like reading pack those books and magazines the previous night.

5) Finally don’t forget the basics.
  • Dress smart, avoid wearing excessive jewelry or makeup. 
  • Arrive early and check in online. 
  • Double check all travel documents. 
  • Wear your seat belt when seated at all times in the aircraft. 
  • Practice in-seat exercises and walk about the aircraft.
  • Have your meals and get good sleep. 

Stay focused throughout. Have a happy and safe journey.

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