Monday, August 12, 2013

8 Tips To Natural Pink Lips

Are you envious of girls with pink lustful lips? Do you wish you could get soft, supple and beautiful looking lips? If yes, then read on and find out tips to get your lips naturally pink and lusciously beautiful.

As lips give a very distinctive appeal to the overall features of your face, dull and dark lips can make a dark spot in your beauty.But there is nothing to worry about as dull and dark lips can be turned to pink and soft lips.

Every girl wants those rosy, shiny lips with minimal usage of lipsticks and gloss. With every exposure to the sun, the chances of lips darkening increases and like our skin, it is up to us to protect our lips from excess use of products. After all, lips are the most important part of a girl's charm. Here are 8 ways to get pink fresh looking lips using homemade remedies that are sure to work.

1) Scrub your lips.
Forget spending on expensive lip gloss or lipsticks, scrubbing is the best way to exfoliate the dead skin, remove chapped skin and keep it soft and supple. Every night just before bed, spend sometime to scrub your lips with a soft toothbrush. This is sure to make those lips regain their beauty and charm.

2) Massage your lips.
Massaging lips lighten dark lips quickly. Just make a lip balm out of almond oil and lemon juice and apply on your lips every night before bedtime. The results are sure to satisfy.

3) Moisturize your lips.
Dry and chapped looks are always unpleasant. It is very crucial to keep your lips moistened and hydrated all day. When stepping out in the sun, apply some petroleum jelly to protect your lips. At home, cocoa butter is a good option to use.

4) Lighten your lips.
One of the best home remedies of lightening dark lips that are chapped and dull is to crush some pomegranate seeds and mix with milk cream and apply on your lips. A slice of cucumber can also be used to rub the juices onto the lips. An orange peel can also be used to lighten dark lips. Gradually this results in lightening dark lips and preventing further damage.

5) Stay hydrated.
For beautiful looking lips always remember to keep your body hydrated. Drink lot of water and include fresh fruit juices in your diet to get really healthy and supple pink lips.

6) Never lick your lips.
Its a common practice with men and women to lick your lips whenever they dry out. But the best thing to do next time is to hold that tongue back in as licking your lips is only going to make it more chapped and dry. Instead grab a lip balm and apply generously.

7) Remove lip makeup.
Use a soft cotton ball with a drop of almond oil or olive oil and gently rub your lips to remove the makeup before bed. It is unhygienic to sleep with lip makeup as it leads to darkening lips and increasing flow of bacteria that should be prevented.

8) Cut out caffeine.
Excess caffeine and beverages like soda and coffee leave your lips dull and dark. Avoid these and drink loads of water instead for soft pink lips.

To conclude, by following these above mentioned simple and easy tips you can make your lips soft and pink. So, put these tips in action and see how your lips start blooming and highlighting your charm.

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