Saturday, August 17, 2013

DIY Chevron Picture Frame

Inspired from Pinterest and Etsy, I loved this idea and no doubt it is quickly catching up as an elegant wall decor for any wall. I decided to make my version of this nice photo frame to enhance my living room. I am not one to hang bold color frames, so when I get an opportunity to find some contemporary decor, I always go with it.

Here is my new photo frame that are subtle and elegant for any wall. 

You will need 

A stiff board of any size (but not greater 20 x 20 inches).

A piece of chevron or any cloth of your choice to form the background (Pay attention to your walls and choose appropriately. I went with a nice gray chevron piece)

Board pins to secure the cloth firmly onto the stiff board

A photo frame (I picked a light weight frame dollar store)
Photos that you can fit into your frame easily

Instructions :
Secure the cloth tightly with board pins around the stiff card board. Make sure to even out the edges so that they appear clean and crisp.

Attach the photo frame to the board and secure it.

Hang at your convenience and enjoy.
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