Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Mathematics is certain. There is always a solution to a problem. Finite and distinct, you pursue the challenge until you find the solution. Free enterprise is different. There are no definite set of solutions to bind the problem set, only infinite ways to contemplate and arrive at a decision. Even worse, the path keeps varying. 

In today’s workplace, uncertainty is a plague. It incalculably looms over us, changing situations in the blink on an eye. It keeps us on our toes all day and sometimes painfully taunts us and toils with our peace and calm. We have no choice, it is a phenomenon in our industry, and if embraced, uncertainty makes way for greater results and better entrepreneur skills.

It is a contest for anybody to start something afresh. It requires one to have adequate processing time, speed and creativity. Every solution is indeterminate and every path chosen is accountable to become congested by unforeseen predicaments. But the greatest challenge is against uncertainty. While you can overcome almost everything, it is always an issue to unplug from uncertainty.

Uncertainty disrupts every plan in place. It eats away like gnawing bacteria that is never satisfied. The worse part of any challenge is the unknown. There is no map for direction and it feels like you should never lose sight of the compass.

We always remember instances where we have successfully fought for survival. It is a tactical approach we apply to dwell on some confidence, at least for a short period of time and that is until a solution is met. While we overcame obstacles and unforeseen circumstances, looking back and dissecting the plot only points out to those unpredicted situations that tipped us to lose some part of ourselves. Frustration and submission finally plays out and we battle on our last aching nerve to emerge victorious. 

Only the strong survive uncertainty. It is a learning process for us to master the art of equivalent processing and to delegate at all levels. Compartmentalization is the key. Learn to dispense and you will become a better lead.

Let go of the obvious. Focus less on things that don’t gain momentum, things that are time consuming for you and find somebody who can invest on it. As for the uncertainty, admit to the fact that it will weigh you down, receive it, there is no short-cut no matter what your creative endeavor is. It lingers around every nook and corner of your day. Embrace it and channel it, use it to increase your confidence and lead.

To create what will be, you must remove yourself from the constant concern for what already is. It won’t be such a burden ever again.

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