Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY Coffee Beans Candle Holders

Have you made new year resolutions to change your home decor and style it better? Are you into adding color or de-cluttering or maybe planning to style a certain room or add some interiors? Whatever is your home resolution, you can count on me to share some beautiful ideas that have inspired me to change the way I live. 

This Sunday I am totally inspired with some really creative ideas to decorate my interiors. Here is one such tried and tested idea from my Sunday inspirations that I thought I should share with you, something that you would love to plan for your home. Try it and see how you can give your home a smarter feel good look. Watch my blog for more ideas to be shared.

Coffee Bean and Candles
Who does not love the smell of coffee beans? 
The aroma intensifies your senses and has that relaxing home warmth feeling indoors. 
If you have small ceramic bowls, small mason jars or ramekins just fill them with some fresh coffee beans and place tea lights in the center. 
Go ahead and set them on the table for an appealing look. 
Be sure to change your coffee beans when they stale out.

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