Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ways to Soothe a Sore Throat

After landing in India a couple of weeks ago, I experienced an irritating sensation in my throat that was causing me to clear it time and again. This ultimately led to a sore throat and was just so infuriating to clear out or get rid of. After trying several medications I finally found relief in just following a simple regime to get rid of that frustrating sore throat. Of course, after recovery I decided I must share it on my health and living section of my blog for all to benefit.

A sore throat is generally the first sign of a bad cold, the immediate concern of which has to be to cure it before it evolves into something grim and strenuous. Next time you feel your throat getting itchy and hoarse, just follow the below remedies to prevent a nasty cold before it gets worse after all prevention is better than cure.

Several studies have found that gargling with warm water and a good amount of salt dissolved in the water helps to loosen the mucus and reduce intense swelling of the throat. In fact, I recommend salt water gargling at least three times a day as the amount of relief it can provide will only make you feel all well again instantly because it helps to flush out the dispersed bacteria.

Another effective way is to stay hydrated.  Drink warm water every now and then so that your mucous membranes are moist and better able to combat irritants and allergens to help your body fight cold symptoms.

Soups are age old remedies for sore throats and can help to soothe any itchy throat. Try warm to hot soups like chicken broth or vegetable noodle soup that will effectively help soothe your throat.

A warm cup of herbal tea is another very effective remedy. Herbal teas contain antioxidants that strengthen immunity and keep infections at bay. Adding a teaspoon of honey helps to heal faster.

Finally the most important thing to do is get sufficient rest. There is nothing much you can do once the virus is in you but get ample amount of rest. Rest ensures your body is capable of fighting the virus sooner.

So don’t dismay if your throat starts to feel scratchy and sore. Just follow the above tried and tested for ages remedies and instantly heal yourself the next time you have that sore feeling in your throat.
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