Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beauty is to A Woman As Success is to A Man

It in't uncommon for a women to find herself questioning her beauty while men are always on the surge to be deemed successful. If you are observant and encounter men and women in this category, you may wonder what gets them so involved with semi-lunatic obsessions like beauty and success. Well, the answer is illiberal, stupid and disgraceful but nonetheless factual worries to satisfy a mindset of illogical references. There is no denying it, people above twenty are self obsessed with two things - the males with success and the females with beauty.

This one dimension generation of people are on a separate zone in this world. They balance the world on their shoulders but are more worried about popularity, status and being liked and appreciated by all. It is fed from social media and mass media where everyone is trying to defeat the other under these circumstances. Women always want to outshine and men always want to make more money. When it is done in moderation, it is acceptable to a certain degree. I am only referring to the section of people that go over board because they are the ones that need to get their life together and appreciate the bigger things that life offers them.

As a woman ages, appearing beautiful becomes her prime importance and her expenditure on beauty products steadily increases to satisfy a gloating ego to match celebrities and trend setters. Why are women so insecure about their looks? Why is there a booming cosmetic industry in every country whether rich or poor? Are we instilling fiendish cosmopolitan thoughts in our minds? The answer is simple, women are forced to reckon that beauty attracts, seduces and recreates prosperity in their life. Being beautiful means getting the work done faster, creating some sort of envy among peers, survival in a world that recognizes beautiful women far more than the ordinary and so ultimately spending a big bucks to look beautiful is a small price to pay for the rewards women pursue.

The pursuit of success for men makes them more disgruntle and lucrative.Men are afflicted in the mind to decipher success as the instrument for endurance, always looking to gain power and rule with success. Hence, men are involved in chasing success to earn more money, make it big and flaunt it needlessly among friends, family or peers. Pride is consequential, prestige is a requisite and success will be sucked out of the living earth. Right or wrong, it is important to be successful and thus mark your territory as one more rich in a world that ignores the poor. This is the kind of mindset that drives a man to indulge in dissonance with one self and thus lack recognition of his own soul. The definition of success should be quantifiable and acceptable to a certain degree. Beyond which it will ruin a man's self respect and dignity.

While we are busy chasing beauty and success, our demeanour is distorted and our minds flexed toward depression. We lose our morales and principles and begin to destroy anyone in our way.From the newspapers to media to social network, not a day passes without recognition of successful men and beautiful women. It is time that we realize our insignificant ambitions and stop behaving like insolent adults. There is always a sanity in finding balance in something, the problems occur when we fail to look beyond the substantial requirement from the focal point of success and beauty.

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