Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dress Up: Fall Fashion Outfit

Sweet September is here and that is the season of Fall. So as we bid adieu to our sarongs and sundresses, its time to start layering and what better way to proceed than grabbing hold of the knits, scarves and booties all trending this great season.
With the temperatures dropping outside, the warmth is vital. I would recommend to shop a little, take a peek online or at the mall to identify the latest autumn/winter collections that are in stores this year.
In no particular order, here are my seasonal favorites that I recommend you try around this time of the year.

I kick start this season with a very basic approach that works well for any budget.
An over sized sweater is a good pairing for those cold windy days that are going to surface. Available in shades of tan/brown, my favorite is this strong coffee cable soft knit that is sort of baggy and free and can be worn over a simple tee or tank without too much fuss.
No fall season is complete without some awesome boots and my choice for this year is the block heel round toe leather or mink boots that matches well with skinny jeans. To complete the classic fall look, aviators are perfect to balance your tones.
For accessories, keep it simple with a classic scarf  and I know what every modish soul will swear by this season, it is the animal print scarf. So bold yet delicate as it sits wrapped snugly around your neck. The only other accessory you need is an extempore bag to complete this look.
Simple and elegantly choreographed in a matter of seconds for you to kick start this wonderful season.Watch my blog for more ideas coming this season.

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