Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tangled In A Shoe Spell

I love shoes. In fact, the finest accessories in my closet are my shoes. I have a bizarre craving to acquire several shoes since ages and at the pace I am going, that day is not far away when I may have to get my very own shoe closet. My husband is on the verge of flipping out as I have intruded his shoe closet space  but hey, a girl’s gotta have her shoes!!!! 

Growing up, it always helped to have a sibling who shares in your passion and is also your best critic. No doubt our foot size never matched but our flair in shoes pretty much did. So putting it all together, I can safely say we had more shoes than normal and we were so proud of our collection. But c’mon the fact is that an average woman owns about nineteen pairs of shoes!!!! 

For a start I adore flats. I never go overboard with high heels. I mean, it is gorgeous to wear them, but I don’t want to suffer from nasty lower back injuries. So I always shop for comfort and trend. Be it ballerinas or sandals, this summer it is going to be just that for me. Once in a while, I may throw in some fashion sneakers, pumps or flip flops just to change my rhythm. I always knew that my pursuit of shopping would render my temptation for shoes. I have successfully overcome my temptation mainly because I am running out of closet space!!  

Ideally, summer is all about flat sandals and wedges. Of course once in a while throw in fashion sneakers and sling backs to paint the town red. Did you know that originally sandals were made to protect feet from heat and sunburn??? Now, they are considered elegant accessories that styles well with a sundress. What a revelation of sorts! Shoes are indeed those delicate accessories that make or break an impression. You may not have the best attire on, but your shoes can make your look completely stylish. What more to ask for!!!! 

Don’t be afraid to tryout ankle straps and pumps. Summer is the best time to wear what you like and express your style statement. Forget about what the film stars and experts are donning and which designer shoes they wear. These guys pay to get tailored and almost end up looking goofy or over styled and then criticized royally by the fashion police. I guess it is fine to dream about having your designer collection someday, but let’s face it, just go with your fashion instincts, it won’t let you down.

Always pay attention to your style. It is all about your chic statement and your comfort and what gives you that wow factor when you look at yourself in the mirror before stepping out. Remember to give your feet some breathing room this summer as the temperature is going to soar. Beach sandals and open shoes, maybe flip flops are best for those hot days. Just remember that shoes can grab the attention of anyone in public. It is a depiction of your personality and don’t worry about who is judging you, just wear your style and step out with the right attitude. 

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