Monday, June 3, 2013

5 Dry Fruits You Should Be Eating

A well balanced diet regime always stresses on consuming a handful of dry fruits a day. Packed with vitamins and essential nutrients, they ensure healthy benefits to mind and body. As a matter of fact, it is also true that dry fruits permeates glowing skin and hence instituted in a lot of cosmetic products due to their well-balanced richness. It is not a very common habit in humans to include dry fruits in their regular diet mostly because these are expensive in most parts of the world. But where available they are prized because of the sweet taste, nutritional value and long shelf life.

Let me guide you through 5 dry fruits that you should be consuming.

1) Almonds

One of the most nutritious of all nuts, almonds is packed with vitamin E vital which is the best whole food source of this vital vitamin. It is recommended to take in an ounce of almonds a day to help increase calcium formation or bones and teeth. It also contains minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and zinc and healthy fiber and best of all no cholesterol. They can reduce acne and give you a radiant looking skin. Almond oil adds luster and shine to dull hair due to the vitamins it contains. It is also good in promoting blood circulation and improving hemoglobin.

2) Raisins

This high energy low fat snack is available throughout the year and rich in vitamin A. To ensure good eyesight and oral care, raisins are the best. They protect eyes from vision related problems and keep your skin healthy and beautiful by reducing skin ageing. Loaded with potassium, magnesium and iron they promote blood circulation and recommended for anemic people. Although low in vitamin C than compared to grapes, they are said have high antioxidants and contain no cholesterol. Next time you are at the supermarket, grab packs of raisins to include as a healthy snacking option in your daily routine.

3) Walnuts

Unique among nuts, walnuts contain the highest amount of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) is a conventional source of proteins, fiber and antioxidants. One ounce of walnuts contains a powerhouse of nutrition required for an average adult. It is full of good fats and nutrients. The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in these nuts helps nourish dry skin and improve its texture. Walnut oil is used to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. It is popularly called the brain food and not without reason as nearly 60% of our brain structure comprises of Omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts. It is also confirmed to have many potential health benefits ranging from cardiovascular protection, promotion of better cognitive function, anti-inflammatory benefits helpful in asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory skin. In addition, walnuts contain an antioxidant compound that supports the immune system.

4) Cashew Nuts

Mild, sweet and deliciously nutty, cashew nuts are filled with energy essential minerals and antioxidants. It is said that a handful of these nuts a day is sufficient for the body to prevent deficiency disease due to their rich mineral content. It is important to note that they are high in calories and should be eaten in moderation. Also certain people develop allergens towards cashews. But if you are not allergic, you would be happy to note that cashew helps to lose weight and prevent aging. Apart from that, they help prevent migraines and high blood pressure.

5) Pistachios

Rich in Vitamin E, these are full of nutrients with fewer calories than you think. Pistachios are heart healthy food and one ounce of this nut contains a host of vitamins that the body needs to function and stay healthy. Unfortunately, pistachios, is one of the most common food allergies among adults and children. If you are not allergic to this nut, it can help promote blood circulation and lower blood pressure. The oil in this nut is used for skin smoothing and due to their richness in vitamin E, they help prevent premature aging and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Pistachios help in digestion and prevent heart diseases and also provides the body with the essential fibers and proteins.

Warning: It is important to work with a physician to ensure safe and proper diagnosis and management of food allergies caused due to the consumption of any of the above nuts, including allergies to other tree nuts.
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