Saturday, June 22, 2013

DIY Wall Art Decor

It would be so wonderful if I could convert my whole living room into an art gallery. So far, I am about 50% there with all my DIY art work around the living room. I started to look at more intriguing art at exhibit gallery's and art museums and developed the intuition to replicate them at home. The ideas that are available online are immense and creatively beautiful. The execution of them is left in my disposition and I must say I get inspired. It is no surprise that I love designing and decorating my wall.

Imagine making some of the coolest art work for under $10. Here are some of my inspirational design ideas that are hip and easy to make. Go ahead and try them and see what you can make for your walls.

Exhibit 1: Colors of Pink & Purple on Canvas.
Below is a canvas art made with beautiful pink and purple shades of acrylic paints. The composition of the art work is inspired from bright hues and circular patterns. Lovely isn't it?

Exhibit 2 : Cupcake liner wall art. 
I got this idea a long time ago from Martha Stewart crafts. Added my own version and improvised as I went along. All you need is some cup cake liners, white cardstock, fabric and some hot glue. To begin, simply glue the fabric or staple it to the cardstock as desired. Glue the cup cake liners onto the card stock and let dry. With a red marker design accordingly and frame. Tada!!!!

Exhibit 3 : Modern Art
On white cardstock use criss cross lines of contrasting pieces of washi tape. Border the white cardstock with matching washi tape to give it a strong frame. Simple and quick, yet very modern and sleek.
There you have it! New art to adorn those plain dull walls. Cheap and easy to do, also shows the creative side of you. I am sure it will be welcomed by your guests. Improvisation is the key and let your imagination take you creativity skills to a whole new level. Good Luck and happy framing!!!

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