Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Top 5 Fragrances For Women.

Perfumes and fragrances are a portion of any women’s fashion and lifestyle. Every woman has her own taste and style that enhances her self-confidence and lifts her personality. The fragrance industry is a thriving industry that pleases us women with diversity in choice and smell. It is no secret that when women find a fragrance that suits them best; they end up sticking to that prime for a while. It is very hard for a woman to experiment frequently with fragrances and hence that choice becomes a symbol of her personality.

Here, in my opinion are the top five perfumes for women, tried and tested.

Burberry London by Burberry    

Sophisticated and elegant, this fragrance is another personal favorite. Easy-wearing, the perfume has a slight hint of that silky floral flavor of jasmine. A very bright, romantic fragrance that also has the flowery influences of honeysuckle, rose, Tahitian tiare flower. Wearing this scent simply takes me into a tantalizing journey of self-discovery among the hustles of daily life.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Launched in 2005, this perfume has raved us women with his complexity and structure. The scent that emanates from this fragrance is mainly from lotus, wood, amber and black orchid. Mesmerizing the soul and depicting the strength, Euphoria has truly secured its place as one of the top selling perfume brands around the globe. My personal favorite, I always have it in my closet and love to dab it on me to boost my confidence. 

 GUESS by Marciano

Presented in 2008, this feminine fragrance is alluring and seductive. With notes of cardamom, star fruit and grapefruit, there is an ounce of floral rhythm as well. Peony, pink honeysuckle and musk are the lasting scents from this fragrance. I love this scent as it adds that spice in my collection of fragrances. It is more like the laid back perfume that still gets noticed. 

Hugo by Hugo Boss

This regular head turner with a fresh and saccharine perception of spice in the air. Introduced in 1997, this is still a top marketing perfume for women. The fragrance of luscious water lilies with tones of apples, peaches and berries creates an aroma of freshness and perfection for the woman. I love to enjoy the feel of the classic elegance that lingers throughout my day. Totally a must have forever.

Eternity by Calvin Klein

The floral scent is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary style.Induced with the sweet flavors of white lily, sage, marigold, sandalwood and amber, this romantic fragrance is a treasure to behold. The overall composure of this warm and lasting floral scent makes it a popular one to obtain.

There you have it! My best and most favorite perfumes all tried and tested and guaranteed best of the best!!
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