Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sunshine In My Tote

It is no hush-hush that women love to collect handbags for every season, every occasion. For us women, fashion means change. With the turn of every season, fashion adapts to the hues and colors around us, it is no different for handbags, totes or purses. With every category of occasion or holiday, fashion adapts to the richness of the festive aura around. It is momentous to the handbag manufacturers to survive with what women want and thus every advertisement, every nook and corner you see striking offers on what to get this season.

I am sure most of us women love collecting handbags that are trendy, hip and stylish. After all, like an accessory a handbag can make or break your style. Naturally, summer is the best season for handbags and totes. Luckily, for us, there is a lot of style, design and brand to choose from and create unique fashion ensembles to look chic and smart every time we step out.

I have noticed that block colors in orange and pink are making waves on the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York. The hotties and their coveted styles are turning heads from the daytime clutch to shoulder bag to top handle satchel. Buckles, ruffles, totes, cross body and clutches are all popular in summer. 

Fashion designer handbags help us ladies look gorgeous and chic, a very important part of a woman’s daily being. With summer comes striking colors and designs that stun and complete you. Don’t be afraid to try metallic colors and the timeless classic of black and white always works well if you like playing it safe. Even neutrals are flawless and subtle.

Pocket hobo bags and tote bags are my favorite. With striking shades and colors to choose from, they complete any look for any occasion. I like totes because they can hold all my stuff without looking too bulky. Also in my opinion, they make petite women look slimmer and sexy. The best tip is to look around and identify the colors that are trending and always remember to adjust according to what you are wearing for the day. Clutches and purses are best at party time. For work, it is necessary to keep in mind the dress code and not go overboard with flashy bags. Pocket hobos are best at work.

Whatever it is, just go with your style as there is not much to dislike out there. 
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