Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Importance Of Staying Motivated

It’s Wednesday already and most of us are impatiently awaiting the weekend. Staying focused on work is hard. Staying motivated in life is harder. Many of us are juggling questions in our minds as to where we belong and are we truly doing justice to our goals. We aim to attain notable success and regard in our life, but how efficacious are we in training our minds to stay inspired for our achievements? Ask yourself, do you feel motivated today?

The first motivational killer is lack of confidence. When you begin to focus on what you want and neglect what you have, your mind starts making lame excuses to convince you on why you can’t succeed. Past failures, bad breaks and personal weaknesses dictate your mind. Get out of it before it consumes you. Start by focusing on everything positive in your life, feel grateful for all that you have achieved. 

The best way to bring success to yourself is to genuinely desire to create value for the rest of the world

If we learn to change our approach when we are struggling to achieve something, then giving up doesn't have to be an option. Who said you have to be the best in everything you do? Not being athletic enough or smart enough or artistic enough or talented enough, doesn't mean you can't play a sport or make the honor roll or take amazing/artistic photos or sing/dance. And if you believe you can't do something because you aren't good enough, well then you believe in nonsense, which is holding you back!

When we lack motivation, we are not really alive. On the contrary, being motivated drives the good forces toward us instead of away from us. The best way to stay motivated is to have fun. Enjoy whatever you are doing, make a game of it. In fact just making a decision to have fun about your work itself is motivational.
Sit and observe yourself in complete silence. Listen to your thoughts and calm your anxieties. De-clutter your environment. Watch yourself as an observer and a positive change will sweep over you instantly.

Motivating oneself is a daily process. Begin by just being you. Care less of what others think about you. The best way to be motivated is to feel good about who you are and turn your attention to making others feel good about themselves. Humans are insecure all the time and tend to find flaws in others to feel good about themselves. Do not worry about what they think of you, just focus on feeling good about yourself. 

Break down what you need to do, reframe your problems. Begin to see opportunities created by those problems. Question yourself to awaken your mind:

What is good in my life?
What is there still yet to be done?

By learning how to nurture motivating thoughts, neutralize negative ones, and focus on the task at hand, you can pull yourself out of a slump before it gains momentum.
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