Saturday, August 2, 2014

Retrospect this August and Live Better

August, the eighth month of the year is already here and I wonder if it is just me totally surprised by its arrival. At the start of the year, I never made any resolutions or concrete plans. This was going to be a year of retrospect and self discovery. I wanted to take the time to get to know myself, my likes and dislikes, my passions and interests and scrutinize the possibility of surging into a new and improved me. 

I have come to realize that life is a journey and no matter how hard you want to mend the blemishes and disagreements of the past, the future is the only way to reprieve. Stimulating oneself to dispose bad habits and renew that inner strength is an ongoing process. But the realization of wanting to transpose the negatives to positives should be immediate. For me, the discovery of myself over the past seven months of the year has altered my thinking, my self reclamations and my passion to succeed. I have mellowed down in persona and more importantly I stopped chasing success. An instantaneous credibility is associated to my character. I think I have finally found the equanimity in my life.

As a youth of this generation, there is constant need to impress and succeed to indispensable measures. But in doing so, we are simply losing the connectivity with ourselves. Our minds are conditioned to focus on money, possessions and worldly riches. The characteristics we build in the interim are distorted and dysfunctional. I have realised that chasing success is not proportional to achieving dreams. Dreams are paths of direction you wish to take. The nightmares are in the hurdles of getting there. But life teaches you to advance. To look beyond scope and predicament, to stop planning and start living. 

We have learnt that achievement is not static, it has to be sought after in any field. Ambitions and goals are good, provided they do not seem surreal or unrealistic for your needs. While most of us are sucked up in a 9-5 environment, others are over working and over doing what should already be done by creating deadline principles. Every passing day you chase success losing out on life itself. Work hard, strive to achieve goals with a sense of practicality. There is no need to rush, stress or disintegrate. Life has so much to offer and that is only witnessed when you are content with yourself.

Whenever life stabilizes and you sense that you are at peace and calm with yourself and eventually you feel that there is no hunger to outdo or over perform, pause and take a moment. I tell you my readers, that is the time for you to take a step back, to sober down and reflect. Aging is inevitable so we got to think about our life and its dwelling. Happiness is a direct result of the way we live everyday. 

My advice to you in this eight month of the year is to retrospect and find the zen in your life. Discovery is important as you grow older never refrain from knowing that the mistakes you made yesterday have only made you a better human being today. Nothing we make in this world can be taken to our grave. So live your life in modesty, in truthfulness, compassion and understanding to your needs and the needs of others. Retrospect for a better life. 

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